What The Results Of Obama's Win Tells Me

First of all, congratulations to President Obama for his win. It cost about six billion dollars to pull it off, but I'm sure all those out of work or who lost their homes feel it's a worthwhile investment. Forgive me for being cynical, but either result will not change the future or spur  any real improvement that could be perpetuated by any candidate. I'm not writing this because I have a real disdain for the status quo or mainstream ideas. It goes beyond that and is fully grounded by a pretty good education in high school, college and philosophy. 

I'm not a person of any consequence, but I have learned lessons from people who have passed on messages from great thinkers and there are some important parallels that exist within modern society, especially when compared to current events in America. 

First, "If something is not growing, it is dying". This applies to vegetation, livestock, human development, business, and the scab on your buttocks. If we look at every aspect  of the American experience, the only thing expanding is war debt and waistlines.  Birthrates are declining, economic development has stagnated, intellectual growth is truly embarrassing, the arts are dipping so low that the lowest human attributes are now featured as art. 

Second, "No one person can alter history". Being a Christian, even I admit that Jesus did not change the course of history. The existence of Jesus, whether real or imagined simply reflected the needs, beliefs and attitudes of a given people at any time. Even today, many people who feel a need for spiritual growth take hold of what is the norm within a given community. This phenomenon is not the doing of any one person, it is simply the need of humans to find a higher cause than what might be presented to them during their given lifespans. It need not matter if a certain Godhead is real or not, but the culminating energy produced by the people to achieve some idea or goal  has certainly had an incredible effect on the course of mankind. 

From my travels on the internet, there seems to be a pervasive need to claim "God is not real" as if it is some kind of mission to convince others that a higher intellectual body does not exist. That may be so, but I'm sure you'll agree, that it is surely needed.

So what does all this have to do with the election? Simply put, America is dying and there is no one who has the ability to change that. Not even if Jesus himself presented himself to correct America's path, would it make any difference. 

There is a need in America to grow it's collective conscience on a foundation that provides a deep connective cause to the challenges she faces and not on the false idea that one man can alter the course of history, be it Obama, Romney, Ron Paul or even Jesus. 

Uploaded 11/07/2012
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