what the shit?!?!

I have followed the Russian Georgian conficlt a bit. from what I have found is that Russia had peace keepsers in the seperatist areas of georgia. then they sent some lies through the internet directed towards Georgian intellagince. then Georgia sent it's troops because they believed they were being invaded and would get help from NATO which it was seeking to join. Then Russia responded with heavy force.

now a fellow thing that happened. America was in Afganistan. they were fighting the nobal war on Terror. Then went with intellagince that was conficted by some internal and many other countries intellignce. Then they invaded and continue to occupie that nation today.

now there not the same but it's still along the same lines. people went in on false information. Russia has pulled out now that it feels it's flexed it's muscles to the point Georgia wont do anything to them or there people. America overthrew a government, occupies a nation, all for oil? all this and America still says Russia is being unruley.

heres Mrs. Rice avoid this question very well I must say

Uploaded 08/25/2008
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