what the world has become.

Can you imagine what people who fought for the freedoms we have today would think of the world we live in today. How would all those who fought for womens rights, race rights, hell any rights.  how would they feel about anything.  would they be happy with things. would the be angry, and would they find in the end they did what was right. Or when the look would the see that women still are not equal, minorities are still treatyed unfairly, poor people are left to fend for themselves, suffering from a world of the more you have the better.  would they be happy to see kids dying in the streets, kida afraid to goto school for fear of being beat, stabed, or even shot. would they see the problems in our life styles and choices.  Or would they see a world full of hope, promise, and great deeds.  would they not see the poor, being more shit on now then ever before, or would they see hollywood blvd. with all fansy houses, and big money. This is just to question where we are, and more importenly where we are going. I want to know what you guys think of the good, and the bad of the world, lets have some real discusions, not just dissing or insults, if you want that go back to high school.

Uploaded 09/20/2008
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