what to bring with you, and wear to an interview.

So recently I have been career hunting and while I have been on interviews there are stunning things I have noticed by the other candidates.  Simple things that people over look that could make or break getting a position in a company. 

                First, guys.  Always be clean shaven.  It doesnt matter if you know people who work there, and you know they have a beard.  You have to look professional, just bic your face when you wake up, it takes 2 minutes.

                Second, both guys and girls.  Bring a small note book and write things down.  Also bring a pen, and not a cheap ball point pen.  Go out and drop like 5 dollars on a nice looking one. 

                Third, as a continuation to the second thing ask questions and write down the answers you get.  Nothing can be worse than just sitting there and staring at the interviewer.  If you write down some simple questions before hand and they cover it thats fine.  Write down their answers!

                Fourth, wear a watch.  Doesnt have to be all fancy.  A 10$ watch from wal mart works well.  Im like most people I use my cell phone to tell time.  But, on an interview I either have a wrist watch, or if policy at the company bans jewelry I will have a pocket watch.  It sounds dumb but it catches the interviewers eye.

                Fifth, speak with proper words.  So many times I have been picked for positions because I use proper speech skills.  Using Ebonics, street speech, ghetto gab, or just normal slang does not help you in anyway.

                Sixth, wear nice dress shoes that can be polished.  I didnt say you have to polish them, but a quick coat of kiwi ultra shine helps.  If you take the time to do this the interviewer will wonder how meticulous you will be while working.

                Seventh, arrive early.  Dont show up to an interview on C.P. (colored peoples time) or f.l.p. (fashionably late peoples time) be fifteen minutes early at least.  You never know, the person before you may not show up.

                Eighth, and final.  Before you leave thank the interviewer for their time and say you look forward to hearing from them in the future. 


                Just remember that youre trying to sell yourself, so show them the best version of you there is possible.

Uploaded 05/26/2011
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