What to do with all the prisoners?

"Today the average tax payer shells out about 23,000 a year just to feed a prisoner, and between 1930 and 2007 only 5,000 prisoners were executed. Over 2.3 million Americans are incarcerated, the highest in the world.*1)  I don't know about you, but I personally feel this is an issue that has directly effected the economy. Waisting valuable tax payers dollars and valuable potential entertainment, or workers.

Before you click the back button, or even worse the 1 star rating, please continue lol. Now what I'm proposing, has been enforced and/or proposed many times before. I assure you these ideas are not original.

Sir Thomas More in his book "Of the best state of the Republic, and of the new island of Utopia" puts forth an idea that prisoners should be forced to do work for the state. Now I know we already do this, but all they really do is clean up work, and if you've ever seen a prisoner work, it's pretty pathetic. In it he suggests them to do construction work, as well as farm tending. This would get rid of illegal immegration, and farmers would make more money, because it would almost be like slave labor. Maybe you're an illegal yourself, and don't like this idea. Well honestly I don't care what you think, but maybe this next idea will look better to you.


In ancient Rome, though my history of this is shady, I do know they used prisoners for entertainment. What to do with serial killers and rapists? Why waist money to have them sit around while you pay to feed and room them, when honestly I would personally love to kill some of those sick bastards myself.


I am not against using prisoners for entertainment. Face it, we are a society that loves to watch other people fight, we are a present day Rome. Some famous guy said that, but I forgot. What I propose here, has been used for hundreds of years in Rome, yes you probably guessed it, gladiators.


Now I don't know about back then, but here's my idea, based losely on theirs. Prisoners who are physically fit, will be givin basic armour and weapons from medieval times, to fight each other to the death. This could be used as entertainment, money could be made off tickets sold to observers and television broad casting. This money could then be used to maybe improve schools and all sorts of better things to spend money on.


let me know your thoughts.







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