What to do with family????????????

It is so hard to be around a bunch of people who are your family and then take the stress of the holiday's and hell who wants to be there? The secret is in the stuffing, if you dont want to be there I bet they dont either so enjoy the stuffing or the pie or better yet a good glass of wine. Year after year we are reminded of our family and just how crazy they are and the best part? They put Christmas right after the turkey  so we can be stressed out for a good two months and so tomorrow while you are looking down your nose at the uncle or brother or who ever just remember, I bet they are looking at you. Maybe we should just accept each other for who we are but it would mean we might have to look at our own short comings and nobody likes to do that. So hey guys Happy Thanksgiving and I am thankful for this blog section and all the people on it, even the people who piss me off.


Tomorrow I am going to be with a bunch of people I would rather not, do you think they might be looking at me? Be grateful for what you have because I know some who have none.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 11/26/2008
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