What to do??????

I dont care how old you are choices are hard to make but as we make them we grow stronger even if we make the wrong choice as long as we stand by our decision. There is freedom and strength as you stand on your own in the real world. When I was younger and looking for answers to life's greatest questions I often looked in the wrong place. Many times I thought the answer was in the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels and the thing is, the answer is in there its just not the right one.

My old lady has been in Florida for close to three weeks now taking care of my Mom who had back surgery and called me the other day and asked if it would be alright if she stayed until after Sept. 15Th. My mom and sister live together and now my Aunt has to have surgery and they will both need help. OK now you know the story, I am once again standing here with another big decision to make, do I drink that bottle of Jack and see if the answer is in there or do I just go ahead make my choice? SCREW it I am going to open the prize before I eat the Cracker Jacks!!!! Oh, the Florida thing? Shoot I dont care I am having a good time.


Thanks for reading Bohank


PS. What a chip, the prize was a riddle....

Uploaded 08/22/2009
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