What type of drunk are you?

In this world there are many types of drunk people. I have stumbled upon a few, but I want the people of ebaum tell me of their encounters with drunks.

Here are some of the ones I have met:

1. The texter--- this person will start to text people once he/she gets past their typsy stage. If you know one of these people be prepared to receive a txt that reads something like this. "hhey i'mk droknk@!11!

2. The lover--- This particulaar drunk will give everyone they know and some strangers a great big hug and a big kiss.(depends who you are and your relationship with the person as where the kiss will be.) Also this person tends to get very touchy with people they usually wouldnt.

3. The Chilled--- This is my favorite kind of drunk b/c im told that I fall under this category. This class is reserved for the big drinkers, the ones that can throw down drinks and still hold their shit straight. The more you drink the more fun you and the people around you will have. Just be careful b/c there's always a limit (it varies from person to person) and once you pass it you'll become this next drunk.

4. The Beligerent--- Most people think that a beligerent drunk is a violent one. That my friends is wrong. A beligerent drunk is a person that turns unpredictably unstable once drunk. This can include but is not limited to violence. It can go from sadness, happyness, horniness, violence, and criminal.

5. The EZ One (GIRLS) --- Im sure that everyone who reads this must have met the EZ One before. And if you were lucky/unlucky enough (depends on the girl) you might have gotten some action from her. Now don't feel bad for getting some (not limited to sex) from the EZ One as long as she's concious and not in a black-out state. This drunk girl is usually surrounded by a group of her peers trying to protect her. ( not to worry a decent wing man will take care of the problem)

6. The Laughing Stock--- This group of drunks is usually reserved to lightweights, but some heavyweights can fall victim to this horrible type of drunk. It's different for guys and girls. Guys will usually start yelling or whispering to themselves. They also tend to drop their pants. Girls affected by this condition will become super annoying and they are usually found dancing by themselves or rambling on about either boys or her favorite song. The one thing that does unite both men and women is that they'll do something that will make them the laughing stock of the party.

7. The Streaker--- What else is there to say, besides the fact that they try to get other to join them.


These are some of the types of drunks I have encountered in my short lifespan and I hope that you will share any new types with the rest of us as a comment.

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