What Welders Do When They Get Fired

Everybody knows it's usually the simpletons who weld. They didn't finish high school because they're too stupid. They need an adequate job. Like holding a torch, waiting until two pieces of metal merge. But recently Tyaeda got fired from her prestigious job as her daddy's assistant at the docks. Why? I have no idea? How can you get discharged from a welder job? I bet Bernie's got her own explanation, but who cares. The fact is - since she doesn't work her 70h job anymore, she's here 24/7 and whores for actual bloggers' attention.

Yesterday was a typical friday. I was slacking off all day, playing some video games, watching stupid movies at ebaumsworld. There was (naturally) a new message from Tyaeda in my inbox. Usual whining. About how I'm wrong about her being a satanist and shit like that. I was tired of reading her bull, so I told her that I don't have time for her shenanigans and that I'll be forced to block her if she continues. After a whine message from Bernie, telling me what Letemdangle (!) thinks about me, I blocked her. Putting me against other users is a faggot-ass move. You're getting lamer and more pathetic every day, Tyaeda.

Now's the interesting part. For some time when there's a low count of clips in the top5, I upload videos I liked on another site and re-post them here. To be #1 user of the day! Yeah!!!! That's right, I'm the top user, bitches. Since a lot of them were already posted and I don't suck admin dick like star4ucker or nyyank and other bold font faggots - I rarely get them featured. But I do have some subscribers and they often 5star my clips. When I went to bed yesterday I checked the ratings and most had a 5 star average with a few votes. That's nice.

I checked them today and what happened? Wow, why are they rated 3 all of the sudden? Did Tyaeda use alts to rate me down? Went to my profile and gave a 1 star to every of the 13 clips I uploaded? Then logged onto another alt and rated them 1star again? That would have to take some time. I wonder who's so obsessed with me? One way to find out. I used the elinks trick, and.....


Not only did she spend an hour to rate them 1 star from alts. She made new accounts, just for that! That must've taken another half an hour? She even used MS Paint on my avatar. Aaaaw. That's so sweet.

Here's a screen shot of some of the accounts used to 1 star my blogs, so you have a clearer view on the matter:aaallll.jpg

I'm starting to think Tyaeda's got some Asian fetish. How'd you explain the Hop_Sing avatar?

Let's not forget she even made a group dedicated for me a few weeks ago. I feel so special. I unblocked you, so you can start spamming my inbox again - I don't want to be responsible for your suicide, knowing how trolling me is the sole reason of your existence. If I ignore you, you might hurt yourself and I have such a delicate kind heart. It would shatter to pieces if I learned that an emo girl from Canadia took her own life because I ignored her. I'd be no better than those nasty cheerleaders who constantly made fun of her teeth in high school.

Tyaeda, don't cut your wrists yet! I unblocked you

Uploaded 04/16/2011
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