What Women Want

Dont be offended by anything i do or dont say in this.

Im just speaking my mind.

As far as I can tell, Women are vile in some ways but also very, well... What's the word...magnetic? That could be the word Im looking for. Most of the women I meet are what most people refer to as "bitches and hoes" thats just because i fell in with that crowd. A few of the women i meet are more 3 dimentional.

Tips for the guys:

Sex: don't make sex an avid topic in conversation. its a funny joke and a great bonding activity, but most women hate the fact that all alot of guys ever talk about is "I fucked this bitch and I railed that Hoe", don't be an idiot, be yourself.

Self-esteem:In case you didn't notice, alot of women consider themselves "fat" and "ugly" if this is the case with a specific women you know, not necissarily your lover,(could just be a friend) be supportive. when they ask you if they look fat or ugly, say NO. Always compliment them.

Gossip:gossip is bad... don't talk about !anyone! behind their back. all that does is piss people off.

Honesty: dont lie about your age, appearance, or personality, just to make a girl think your all that. Alot of my girlfriends have told me that if a guy trys to be different just so they will like them then they know it right away and it ticks them off.

Casual dating: there is nothing wrong with "taking a break". breaks are healthy. If you are confined in a room with no windows or doors, dont you get lonely? Go out, see the world, but be faithful.

Humour: the biggest best joke of all time is the one that everyone understands. don't try to act smart when your saying something funny, because then its not funny, it's retarded... joke about what you find funny and she will probably laugh too. If she doesn't then oh freakin well. it was a joke. not everyone is gonna find it all that funny...

Remember: be yourself, be nice, be considerate, if someone cant accept you for who you are then find someone else to hang out with.

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