what would ebw users do?? WWEBWUD

alright, it has been awhile since i have written a meaningless story without further adeiu (sp?-oh who gives a fuck!)


I went to columbus this weekend for a state flag football tournament... the story isnt about flag football so spare the comments about how gay you think flag football is... me and five other teammates rented two rooms at a rather swanky hotel in the downtown area...we check in, go to our rooms and get situated.... after chilling out for awhile, me and my two roommates leave to go to our other teammates room a little bit down the i leave the room i see three moderately attractive women (early 20's??) standing in the hallway talking to each other... so as i walked to my friends room, i listened to what they were saying... they were talking about going out later and getting wasted... also, about going to a strip club or something... well, i attempted to make contact, and besides the stock salutations we exchanged, i had no real success....whatever, those bitches were stupid anyway...

fast forward to the end of the night...

me and my friends all went to bed early because we had our first game at 8.30 sunday morning... i lay down and fall about 2.15 in the morning, i hear some racket outside in the hallway... girl racket... loud yelling, giggling, and walking...hmm....must be those stupid girls from earlier...because they were so loud, and i mean they were yelling and laughing full blast, they fully woke me up... all of a sudden, i hear one of them call out "ryan" and again, "ryan".... then a couple loud knocks at my door... what the fuck is going on i thought to myself... i didnt meet any girls that i introduced myself to... another knock... ok.... this wasnt a fluke i suppose... so i get up out of bed and my friend was like "who the fuck is that"... i told him i dont know but im going to find out...i hear the girls whispering to themselves "oh, i hear someone moving inside... he must be coming to the door"... i open the door and bam!.... it was those girls standing in the hallway from earlier... and they were drunk as shit... i look at them and say "whats going on?"....the leader of the group looks at me and says "umm... do you have any liquor?"... i say "what?"...the girl repeats and then says "your friend keith from down the hall said you might have some liquour"... "the bars are closed and me and my friends want to drink more!"....i look at her and say "no, i dont have any... we are from out of town and are in a football tournament.. our first game is at 8.30 am"..(sidenote: i really didnt have any... my friend had some pot, but that was it).... drunk cunt doesnt get it... she asks again "well, do you have any liquor or beer?"... i smirk and say "no, im sorry, but i dont"....well, the other two girls with her understood and walked away... she looked at me again and was thinking about something to say but i interjected with "i need to go to bed"... and she said "ok"... and left....

the next morning, i discussed with my hotel roommates how crazy those girls were.... we had a laugh... it turns out that they went to my friend keiths room first and asked them for liquor... keith told them no, but go check with ryan in room 317....

right now, i am kicking myself for not trying to party with these drunk bitches... i was tired, and i didnt have alcohol, but damn... i should have thought of something... fuck me.........

so this is my question...  (WWEBWUD) in this situation??

Uploaded 11/11/2008
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