What you don't like about Mizuka.

Many people have been coming to me to tell me all the shit they don't like about Mizuka, because they know I hate her.  I think it's time that some of these people make their opinions known... for Mizuka to see.


She refuses to think people don't like her... go ahead and ask her if you don't believe me.

So here.. I'd like to compile some the opinions of those who dislike her... to be fair you can go ahead and make a blog for people who hate me, or people who like Mizuka... this here blog is for Mizuka haters...


So please.. if you don't like her... vent here.  Help to show those who don't already know, how fucked in the head she is, how she abuses her mod abilities, how her uploads are unoriginal and far too overrated by first timers and perverts of this site.


We all know why I don't like her... we all know that mizuka thinks I still like her... well more or less "worship her" as she would say.


Please... let your voice be heard... we need to compile this in a way that not only she, but the administation at EBW will understand.

Uploaded 09/07/2010
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