what you think of life.

I was thinking today about everything and life, like what was the point of me really being here. So here I am 21 with my own flat, a partner and a new cat to come. Did I dream of this when I was little? I imagined it being like my parent's life. 24/7 work and the occasional weekend out. I imagined working in an office or being a Police Woman. It's amazing how much life changes and how it turns out. How if your Mum and Dad never got together you wouldn't be here right now, you wouldn't know anything you wouldn't be anything. Yet you're this living breathing person doing this crazy thing we call life. We don't know what life is, we just go doing our day to day things to really think about it. What is it all? Is it what we make it or is it just a path that everything leads to till you finaly die. Reality is just an illusion and for sometime I couldn't get my head around it. None of this could be here right now, but in my head it is. It's amazing how our brains work, emotions we feel when we get our heart broken or when we fall and hurt our knees. Everything may be an illusion but there is nothing you can do to get out of that, you just have to go with it and take everything that comes and be thankful for all the things circling in this illusion of yours, your family and your friends and your partner. Because without them this 'illusion' would be a very boring place.
Uploaded 05/03/2011
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