What's Next?

Lately, Ive been thinking about going back to work. My energy is back up, Im goofing around again and I think I'm ready. I just really dont know what to do next.


My last job was accounts receivable representative for a cell phone company. I took that job because it paid better than the previous one and they offered to get ahead. Ive worked my ass off for over a year before I couldnt take it anymore. My job was basically taking 100 calls a day and threatening irresponsible assholes to cut their line if they didnt pay. That job sucked donkey dicks for eternity but thats not all ive ever done...


When I finished high school i had no clue what i wanted to do so after I spent the summer having fun I got my first job at a supermarket. I was slicing cold cuts and cheeses and shit. After that I became a cashier because I was tired of coming home smelling like ham and gorgonzola. My first serious boyfriend worked in the stores bakery section. Hes been there since he was fucking 16 years old. Hes now 29 and still works there, as a manager. How can he possibly not have committed suicide yet is out of my understanding.


After that my step father offered me a job as a pastry maker in one of his stores. I learned how to do cream puffs, black forest cake, custard fruit pie and air brush on birthday cakes in 2 weeks... and I FUCKIN DID IT!!! Yes, I kicked butt at making pastries and cakes. I was supposed to get a position as the pastry chef in a new store about to open but even with my step dad telling who to hire who, I didnt get it. Those bastards had promised NO piss test during the medical and didnt honor it...


Trying not to flip out on shrooms I then went to some program from the government for  a few weeks every morning and they found a job for me at a place where they made wooden furniture and shit. So I went to visit it and they were looking to have a girl on the team so they hired me. It was a place where kids who are getting out of juvee learn how to work with power tools and make furniture or restore it. Im not a delinquant AND i got my high school diploma; I was told I got in because they needed a womans touch in the place. Long story short, I worked in that business for almost 4 years but a hip problem from when I was a kid came back and I cant have a full time job that requires continuous physical effort anymore.


For over 2 years Ive been working in call centers. Two reasons: first is im bilingual and in quebec its an advantage to get these jobs, second is the pay, because it pays at least twice what you would make as a clerk in any kinda store AND you get bonuses.


But what do I do now?

Uploaded 06/23/2009
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