What's Really Important!

BANG! BAM! WOW! SLASH! GET IT TODAY!  There's so much hype being pushed that things have to be glamorous, exciting, or tragic to be worthy of speaking of that we often forget the simple truths that make life so wonderful.  We forget to notice the beauty of the trees, the sound of birds chirping, the color and smell of the flowers. 

In this high pitched, fast paced world we live in, often the little things are much more satisfying than all the shiny, new products that are constantly pushed in the ads and we forget to be thankful for the things we have around us which cost us nothing.  There's the miracle of the birth of a child, the warmth of a new puppy or kitten, squirrels playing in the trees, an occasional butterfly, billowing clouds on a clear day, the knowledge that the rain will bring renewed growth.  There's the sound of children laughing, the warm touch of a loved one, the greatfulness for having survived life thus far, and many other wonderful things to appreciate if we just slow down long enough to notice.  A little quiet time can be a priceless commodity.
Uploaded 05/18/2011
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