whats with all teh anger? just walk away...

I'm new here. my fianc'e blogs on here often, he's alittle too mature for me. he doesn't relize it, and i just can't stress the point enough to him. but he cares and it makes him to adult. i care to but in a diffrent manner. i care about things now, things i can change. I give food to hungary squirrels and money to homeless if i have it to spare. i'm no saint. oh no no trust me i am no saint. I just don't really understand this thing we call humanity. everyone runs around trying so hard to perserve the future. never understanding, they don't reach it. they all try so hard to perserve their  ego, but it's futile. why impress that group of freinds, that in a year, you won't ever talk too again? why argue with that man at the grocery store counter while on vacation  taht you will never see again? to impress your girlfreind? trust me, she's not impressed, if anything, she is starting to think less of you. why not take that sudden burst of energy you gained from your rage at getting the wrong change and say something sweet to your girl? or write her a nice poem. if there is one thing girls adore, yes maybe evn more then chocolate, it's a poem wrriten about them. me, when i get angry at someone. i tell them their right and walk away and thnn i do not think about them again. it makes them feel better, feeling they won something, because that's what most people live for, to feel as if they won soemthing. and i feel better because i didn't waste enegry raising my voice and insigating my asmtha with yelling, and i can just get back to my head phones quicker.. i suppose i have no real point. i just don't understand why humans spend so much time figthing, and why no one just walks away...

Uploaded 12/27/2008
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