What's your favorite weed?

Everybody who smokes loves all types of weed. You got regs that make you laugh, different hazes that just fuck you up in all sorts of ways, and then exotics and dro. Now as much as we all love every type of weed (except mexican brick weed), we all have a soft spot for a certain type of weed. A type of weed where if it's available, your getting it, no questions asked. period. It could be the type of weed you smoked the first time you got high that's your favorite or maybe the type of weed that just messes you up the most.

For me, my all time favorite type of weed is white widow. Everytime i smoke white widow, the high is just simply amazing. Unfortunately i smoke white widow about 2 times a year if im lucky because it's pretty tough to get. White widow is just in another class. I wrote a blog a while back about white widow because it was just overwhelming how great it was. I needed to let the world know. As Bill Hader puts it in Pineapple Express, "This is the bee's knees!!"

So i ask you fellow ganja smokers, what is your favorite type of weed?

Top 3: White widow, Sour Diesel, Strawberry Kush.

Uploaded 06/24/2009
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