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Alright, alright, let's get this show on the road!

For all of you reading this, I would like to emphasize that I appreciate it greatly, but I am not looking for sympathy or pathetic remarks of any kind! Thanks!

I have always been a great animal lover. (Cats especially. XD) Yet I have a great problem that has never encountered my family involving my two pet rats, Inky and Quiz. I recieved them on my 14th birthday as a present from my grandparents, and they were just so ADORABLE you couldn't flippin' imagine it! Both were female and from seperate litters, making Quiz slightly older than Inky. Quiz was always the more aggressive one, always shoving Inky around and taking the food before her, but they loved each other like sisters, I swear.

Just a two days ago, Quiz died from a neurological seizure. And it was INEVITABLE. Apparently, she must've had this coming for her since the day she was born. Someone noticed that she was acting strangely, thrashing around on her back in the pine shredding very wildly. I, nor my family, had the slightest clue on how to handle the situation, so we found it best to just leave her alone, and went to the park.

By the time we got back, rigor mortis had already set in. Dead, dead, completely dead. :( An incredible rat she was!

Now that just leaves poor Inky. How must she feel, living in that big cage all alone? This is what I want your opinion about. We intend on getting Inky a new cagemate/friend, but I remain unsure. Should we buy another rat? If so, when? If not, why?

Thank you for reading!

Uploaded 08/05/2008
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