When A Woman Asks You To Talk Dirty.......

"Oh God.... that's it."
"You like that, Matt? You want more?"
"Oh hell yea."
"You want me to talk dirty?"
"Do you want me to talk dirty? It'll turn you on even more."
"Uh.... sure, I guess we can try it."
"Oh man, I'm going to fuck you so hard, baby."
"That's right...."
"You're going to scream and just blow your load all over the place, aren't you?"
"That's right, I'm going to cum all over your tits and your face."
"Mmmmmmm, baby, I can't wait."
"Oh man..... one sec...... just......"
"You sure?"
"Yea, just hold still for one sec....."
"Uh.... just...... yeah, ok."
"Oh yeah, oh yeah, c'mon Matt, give it to me hard!"
"You gonna scream, baby?"
"Oh my God, harder! You want me to rub my pussy?"
"Oh that's right you little slut, rub it like you-"
"What'd you say!?"
"What? What'd I say?"
"What the fuck did you call me!?"
"Uh..... I thought we were talking dirty."
"You think I'm a slut!?"
"No, no, I don't think-"
"Fuck you!"
"Haven't you been doing that already?"
"Oh great, so now we're getting into lame jokes now. You want a lame joke, asshole? Here's one: 'Matt in bed'."
"Oh, come on, that's not-"
"........ ah........"
"Jesus Christ. Get the fuck out of my room, limpdick."
"Give me a break, we've had sex 6 times already, what the fuck else do you expect!?"
"Oh please, I bet other guys could last twice as long as you. And don't even think that you were any good."
"I swear, this never happened bef-"
"Get the fuck out."
"What in the shit are you talking about!? We're in a fucking hotel room! A hotel room that I bought! With MY money!"
"I'm serious. I want you to fucking leave, and take your flaccid prick with you."
"You know what? I can't believe you. YOU get the fuck out of MY room!"
"But.... you said this was OUR room!"
"Not until you told me to get the fuck out!"
"You.... I..... fuck you!"
"No, fuck you."


Uploaded 05/13/2008
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