When Can We Live Our Own Life?

For years most of us are ruled by our parents, and with reason. Now before you read further, I need to ensure you that this article is not a rant against parenting, but against the mentality of today's youth towards parenting. Well actually maybe it is a rant against parenting, but that's for you to decide.

We grow up with rules, routine. Not just because we're young and ignorant, but because valuable lessons truly are learned through developing the early skills of following rules and routine. For many of us, these things are set by our parents. This typically goes without conflict until the age of 13, sometimes younger, sometimes older, but there will be conflict. All of a sudden we're ready to make our own rules, our own routine, and the role of parents (in our minds) becomes obsolete. The problem here is that many parents in today's society (North American anyways), give in to the demands of their kids, and lose the ability and perhaps the capacity to discipline their children. This is obvious when you look at high school graduate averages at an all time low, university admissions at a low, university drop outs at an all time high, and graduate studies admissions at an all time low.

The problem here is not necessarily simply the parents losing control, because who are we kidding, the second we get a taste of our own control, those parents aren't getting back in. No, the problem here is ourselves. Us thinking that we're ready far too young. Now youth have always had this mentality, but we now follow through with this idea more than ever. So this is not a question of "When can we live our own life?" in terms of when our parents will let us live our own life, no, this is a matter of us recognizing when we can truly live our own life. And evidence aside, I believe this is what truly defines those who will and do become successful from those who do not. It's up to you.

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