when girls fight and when guys fight

Have you ever those fight videos, where it's just a couple people who fight each other for like 20 bucks? I watched one where this guy goes with his 3 man team, and video tapes these hodunk towns and pay a pair of guys to fight each other, first to draw blood or knock down wins. Then I watched another similar dvd but it was girls fighting. Talk about some ruff mother fuckers. These girls are like just released from prison, or some big black girl.

When guys fight each other, it's like a professional duel. We trade our slanderous comments, spit on the ground and dance around like monkeys, beating on our chests, trying to scare the other person. Then when we fight, we do whats got to be done, and get over it.

When girls fight? Oh my gawd! ha ha. A girl will grab the other bitch by the hair, and keep punching each other in the face till the guy recording pulls them apart. Girls don't understand when it's over and when to give up. If the guy didn't pull them apart I don't doubt they'd fight till one or the other was dead.

What the fuck is wrong with you women?! lol... If you ever see two girls fighting on the street, be cautious to break it up, because she might jump on ur back and choke you to death, or the do dreaded kick between the legs.

Uploaded 11/30/2009
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