When poos get worse

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Josephine, Sharon called up the tree, Do you want to come and play at my house? Josephine nodded and the two went into the garden. Can we play in the sand pit? Josephine asked. No, Sharon replied, my cat left a stinky one in there last night. Lets go inside. When they stepped inside Josephine noticed that Sharons cat had left a stinky one on the floor too. Sharon come on we are going to town now, called her mother. I cant mom, Im going to visit The Blind Man with Josephine. Half the town say he was born on a stairs and half of them say he never left it. Okay just dont be hanging around with blind old men for too long. Soon Josephine said that she needed to go back to her tree for lunch. Just before Josephine left Sharon told her to meet at The Blind Mans house in ten minutes because Sharon wanted to kill the badger that had been leaving poo in her garden. Eleven minutes later Josephine reached The Blind Mans house. Waiting outside was a slimy poo-covered Sharon McCarthy. The girls approached the door and knocked. When the door opened a grumpy man stared down at them. He could definitely see them. GO AWAY!! he screamed, at the two thoughtful little girls looking up at him. But Sharon and Josephine werent finished yet. They ran around the back and peered through the window. The Blind Man was tied up. The girls braced themselves and climbed in the window. Just then The Grumpy Man appeared with a knife. Suddenly Josephine picked some poo off Sharon and flung it into The Grumpy Mans face. There was a pause after which The Blind Man shat himself. Then Sharon spear tackled The Grumpy Man into a wall. The girls broke a few of his limbs and freed The Blind Man. All peace was once again restored and everybody went home. Three days later Josephine and Sharon filled banana skins with poo and threw them at The Grumpy Mans house.

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