When Poos Go Wrong !

One day, a girl called Josephine sat in a tree ( A.K.A. her home) and was examining the trunk. Her friend Sharon approached and asked Josephine to come down and play. The two girls were playing hopscotch when suddenly Sharon shat herself and ran inside to change.

Josephine chuckled while walking back to her tree. When she reached it she turned around and spotted something strange down the road. The Blind Man was watering flowers in his garden. That mightnt seem very strange but The Blind Man is blind. Just

then Sharon emerged from her house and Josephine told her about the Blind Man. They had just decided to go and talk to The Blind Man when a passing bird pooped on Sharons head. She went inside again. Ten minutes later Sharon returned again with a hat on. The two continued on their way. When they were nearing their destination Sharon slipped and fell into a lump of dog poo. Sharon once again went home. When finally Josephine and Sharon reached The Blind Mans house there was a shout of HELP!!

The girls sprinted inside The Blind Mans house. They were greeted by a masked man holding a gun to The Blind Mans head. While Sharon immediately put her hands up Josephine dashed into another room. The masked man told Sharon not to do anything and pursued Josephine. Hiding in the other room Josephine trembled. She then leapt out screaming AAAAHHHH!!!! Josephine then skilfully pinned the masked man down and Sharon rushed in. Silently Sharon farted in the masked mans face. All peace was then restored and everybody went home. Two days later The Blind Man shat himself eight times while reading a book of proverbs.

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