when poos wont stop

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Josephine was walking by her tree when she saw Sharon across the road taking a poo. Josephine rushed over. Hi Sharon, Hi. Does The Blind Man have a phone? No, Sharon replied, but he isnt around anyway. Where is he? Poo palace? asked Josephine while whipping a poo pie out from behind her back and slamming it into Sharons face. He is at a friends house but the blind woman is here. Feck the blind woman lets go and find The Blind Man. When they were nearing The Blind Mans friends house Sharon stopped to take another poo in a bush. While Josephine was waiting she saw The Blind Man walking towards her. When The Blind Man arrived Josephine said, Hello and turned around to find a young poor boy attempting to steal Sharons bag. Sharon pushed him over and as the boy was crawling away he landed in a heap of dog poo. When they were almost home the trio noticed a man fighting with a woman. The Blind Man growled at the other man and he shat himself with fright. Soon The Blind Man said, I must pop into the shop for a couple of minutes, wait here. While he was gone the girls played a game of throwing pencils at passing animals. When The Blind Man returned Sharon asked him what he had bought. The Blind Man answered, I bought a box of cheerios for the fine looking blind woman across the road. But you cant see her if your blind, can you? Oh yeah I suppose you have a point. At The Blind Mans house Sharon stepped in that formidable badgers poo and left to clean herself. Josephine said, maybe we could, you know, go out some time and talk some more. When The Blind Man said, I dont think so, Josephine fled in tears. Later that day Sharon invited Josephine to dinner and asked her what was wrong. Josephine answered, I asked The Blind Man out and he said NO. Well he is nine times your age. Annoyed at the truth Josephine ran back to her tree. The following day Sharon went to The Blind Mans house alone luckily she avoided any poo troubles on her way. She asked him, would you ever go out with Josephine? No, he replied Im chasing another woman. There might have been something there though. Just before she left Sharon asked, Are you really blind? No but it gets me more money. Dont tell a soul.

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