When Scientist Go Mad!!! And Climate Change

#4 When Scientist attach rectal methane collectors to cattle to measure how much methane they create as a measurement to be used to calculate their contribution of man madeĀ  global warming. Scientist have gone mad!

#3 Offseting The environmental equivalent of buying indulgences or paying for penance, offsetting is a misleading beast. Heres why:

It is used to shift the emphasis onto others, who would never produce the equivalent carbon footprint.

Its unregulated you might be funding carbon cowboys

It relieves you of feeling guilty, without actually making a difference, but hey weve all done it!

#2 Steorns Orbo

A bit of background is needed. Environmental Graffiti reported how last year, Steorn, an Irish technology company made the claim that they developed a free energy technology. In August of 2006, Steorn placed an ad in the Economist to attract the worlds leading scientists to try and disprove their technology. Several thousand scientists stepped up to the plate, yet only 22 scientists were chosen to prove its claims wrong.

However, at the first planned live viewing the supposed free and clean energy machine failed to work. Pretty lame, almost as bad as their name!

#1 Mimicking a volcanic eruption a.k.a. Chucking mounds of sulphur into the atmosphere

The idea is so crazy, that initially I thought it was a hoax, concocted in some watering hole, somewhere. However, I discovered the controversial theory in the National Geographic.

The idea is to pump particles of sulfur high into the atmospheresimulating the effect of a massive volcano by blocking out some of the sun's rays and is idiotic for two main reasons:

As well as reducing rainfall, the particles would cause a global drought aka environmental disaster!

It would make the world smell of rotten eggs and look like the Matrix yuk!

And it looks great too!
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