When Will Fallout 4 Come Out

There's millions of fans waiting for the newest Fallout game and the currently most asked question is "When?" accompanied by "Where?" The most common answer to the latter is Boston, since people claim to have seen Bethesda researchers there. Actually, it was one person on Reddit. Everyone bought his crap as100% confirmed, but I wouldn't be so sure. Bethesda never announced the game's location, although one of the developers did mention something about a desert. But what about the date? 

Judging by the time Bethesda announces their games and how long they took to launch Fallout3, Oblivion or Skyrim, you need to apply simple mathematics to learn when Fallout 4 is hitting the stores. Here's a bunch of facts.

Fallout 3 was announced on July 10, 2004. It came out around November 2008.

Skyrim came out in November 2011.

Bethesda likes to schedule their games' premieres to November, since it's before Christmas and parents would buy a lot of copies for their kids (sneaky ass holes).

In 2010, Bethesda announced that they are working on two projects, one was nearly finished (it turned out to be Skyrim) and the other one they have been working on since 2008.

Judging by this information, Bethesda started working on Fallout 4 in the same year they finished Fallout 3, which is logical, since they bought the license to produce more than just one Fallout game.

When is Fallout 4 coming? They've been working on it since 2008, so they had a lot of time. On the other hand, Fallout 4 wasn't announced yet, but it took Bethesda 4 years to launch Fallout 3 after they announced the game.

On the third hand, Bethesda announced Skyrim a year before its premiere.

What could be the reason for delaying the premiere? The new generation consoles, of course. Since they premiere most probably in 2013, it's safe to say that Fallout 4 is going to premiere in 2014. Most probably November 2014, because the game is going to be prepared for PC and once the new consoles hit the market, there's going to be a lot of fuss about preparing the 720 and PS4 versions.


Is it worth the wait? Of course it is. First off, because the new generation consoles have a lot more steam than PS3/360. That means better graphics and a wider world to explore. Give the developers some time, they are currently adding more ideas and locations. The more you wait, the better the game will be.

Fallout 4, coming in November 2014!

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