When Wrong, Why Not Continue To Be Wrong? Makes Sense, Right?

So this morning I was en route to driving Katie, my girlfriend, to work.  Along my way we decided we needed to stop and pick up cigarettes.  To which I turned into the right turning lane which allows one to also enter the petrol station we were pursuing.  As soon as I am in the lane some ignorant driver in a minivan decides he needs to be in the turning lane, and he makes this decision without taking notice that I am approaching him in said lane.  I avoid hitting hit and put on my brakes.  I did nothing to let him know he that his attempt was full of fail.  Again, nothing, no hand gestures, no vocal threats, I did not even look at him.  I shook my head and continued my journey to the petrol station to which he followed me to.  Katie gets out of my vehicle why I glance over at this other vehicle wondering why someone who is at fault would bother to follow the person they almost hit.  Maybe he wanted to compliment on my smooth driving skills for avoiding him, no he would rather follow Katie up to the store and start ranting in meaningless syllables.  The only word that I could make out from his ranting was the word bitch, to which he was referring to Katie.  So I decide to step out of my vehicle and ask why he feels the need to call Katie a bitch for no reason, since she was the passenger in my vehicle.  So I run over to her, because he looks as if he is about to get violent with Katie, which would have been a moronic move given the fact that not only were there physical witnesses, but electronic witnesses as well.  He looks at me asking over and over "Why you gotta step up on me?"  I try to explain myself, but this guy does nothing but say the same thing over and over again and then hits me with a right hook in the ear.  Who the fuck punches someone in the ear?  Everyone starts yelling "Why the hell would you punch him?"  He kept screaming "I have kids in the car man!"  Right, so if you have children with you would you not A.) Be more cautious while driving to avoid putting your children at risk and B.) not commit a crime in front a handful of witnesses as well as video surveillance cameras.  I honestly do not get how he thought I posed a threat when it was him that started with threats.  I have nothing to say to this man out there other than the fact that I hope that while he is serving his minimum one year that he understands that sometimes it is better to hear what someone has to say rather than punch someone in the ear.

Uploaded 07/30/2008
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