When you are dead and gone...

It is an indisputable fact that you will perish someday.  Your flesh is nothing but the embodiment of transience, and someday ... whether you like it or not... you will fade away in to the chasm of the abyss.

When you finally accept this as fact, and then step back to look at the big picture... the grand scheme of things... you start to realize there is nothing to fear, but rather, the beauty of it all.

When you are dead and gone... all that will be left are your deeds.  That is, what you did when you were alive.  The ripples you left behind that will echo into eternity.

Imagine yourself on the edge of a pond, somewhere in the isolated country on a still morning at sunrise.  Everything is still, fresh dew on the grass, and time seems to have suspended itself.  Everything is motionless.

Then you toss a rock into the pond.

At first you see a splash and shortly after it sinks to the bottom, into the abyss...
but what is left over is the ripples...

They expand indefinitely to gigantic proportions, almost as big as the body of water itself. 

These are the deeds that define your life... it's not what you are while you're here...  but the echos or ripples that you leave into the future....  long after you are dead and gone.


Over 400 years ago, in 1567,  a simple man by the name of Thomas Tallis composed 9 hymns for an Archbishop in England. 

The third of these hymns, was titled "Why Fum'th in Fight"

And in 1910, over three centuries later, another Englishman by the name of Ralph Vaughn Williams was editing the English Hymnal...

He discovered this haunting melody, and decided to orchestrate it into a work called
"Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis."

The original melody first takes shape at 1:26 and then reaches and eye opening, jaw dropping climax at 2:46.

And when I am dead and gone, I want to have this piece played at my funeral.

It's very existence validates the reality that our lives and flesh are but nothing.

Our mere presence in this world is short lived, isolated, and meaningless in all conceivable aspects... except in the tiny framework that is mankind as we know it, and our relationships with one another.
I'm too drunk to finish this blog.  Fuck you all.   Good night.

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