Where did my blog go.

I was wondering where it went as it took me a while to write out. I do not look at one fact and draw my own conclusion. I have actually bothered to look at the history of the Bible, I have bothered to read the bible, along with other religions. I wonder how many Christians have actually read the bible. Actually know where it all came from. It is not ego that drives me, it is my sheer disbelief that modern people, intelligent people can accept that other religions are a load of crap, but oh no, don;t you dare have a pop at mine.      
      Letmedangle, please tell me these facts that show Jesus is real, and that what I have found is all wrong? As if someone could bring facts to me I might actually believe, why do you think I read the bible and history of the bible and everything else, you are not born an atheist, I am actually a Christian -well I have been baptized, I obviously don't believe. I went looking for answers and what did I find, lies, I found out it is a fraud that has managed to last 2000 years, the Roman empire used a fledgling religion for power and tried to ban all overs so only they could hold the key to the afterlife so you would have to do what they say. When I found this out did I feel suicidal, did I despair, no I felt free, I  understood my actions are determined by me and me alone and what good I manage to do in my life it is because I want to not because I may burn in hell. 
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