Where have all the comic book dorks gone.

I have been collecting comics since I was 13. When I first started collecting there was a fair amount of people I knew that also collected. But, for some reason they all seem to have disappeared. You would think with the new rise in superhero movies that comic books would be a increasing market in a huge way but my friends that have shops say that its really not helping alot. I find this hard to believe. I will be the first to say that I am a comic book dork. I read at the least ten comics a week. I have a collection of over 6000 comics and I buy more all the time. I just dont understand way the comic book market seems to be in a stand still. Now, thats not to say that the movies arent helping at all. Its just not giving it as much of a boost as you would think. I am going to school for business marketing and looking at it from a stand point of business it just doesnt make any sense. The comic book world is on the rise. Its just not as big as I would have thought. I also sell comics online. I figured the Ironman comics I had up for bid would have gone for alot more than I was asking but to my suprise some didnt even meet the reserve. I would like to know if this is how it is everywhere or is this just a in my local marketing area.


Uploaded 05/12/2010
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