Where have you gone????????

I get so angry when people go after christians as a whole, we seem to get lumped in with the people out there holding up signs saying  "Fags are going to hell" or "Baby Killers". The problem here is once again  "MAN" not God and if you follow the teachings of Jesus then you would know that because NOWHERE in his teachings does it say to hate anybody. Why is that people cant see the total stupidity of the whole anti-christian movement? I love God and his son Jesus and I hate nobody and if you think about it that is what he teaches. This whole thing up in Washington State is once again a total lack of COMMON SENSE and an all out assault on our good nature. If I were the Atheist I would be more angry than the Christians because we get this all the time but they were trying to make some point or another and it kind of backfired on them. Just as soon as they allowed the Festivus tree to go up it became a joke(BTW my favorite Seinfeld episode). I am going to make this shorter because nobody wants to read a book on this subject but in closing I want to say this, most of you know I am going through some hard times and not one time not even for a second did I blame God for my problems.


Here is an Ideal let the christians alone and let us celebrate our holiday like we have for 2000 years and stop trying to belittle us and we will do the same. If you want your own holiday we would probably be glad to help you set up but dont encroach on our day.


Thanks for reading Bohank


PS. Even if you are not christian I still love you.



Uploaded 12/16/2008
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