Where Is The Outcry Now?

I find it very interesting, we have our brave men and women still in harms way overseas and there is no outcry from all of those big mouth liberals.When "W" was in office you heard all day long" our children are being slaughtered over there", "bring them home now","there over there killing innocent men,women and children in the middle of the night.This just goes to show you that they didn't care about any of that.They just cared about "W".I never believed any of it.What i do believe is that because the left has so much hatred for just one man,they were willing to destroy the moral of our troops and in the process destroy a nation.The politicians got involved and tried to run the war from the safety of theirĀ arm chairs.I believe that when you declare "WAR" then it is up to the military to do what they do best.They needed to go in and level everything in its path and if you got in the way then you die.No one is innocent in war.That is what we here in America fail to realize.The object of war is to kill them before they kill you.I know my views will make people start with the thing that they do best,(isolate and ridicule)name calling.I never considered myself a "right wing extremist,bigot,homophobe who clings to his guns and religion"but i guess I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uploaded 07/28/2009
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