Where my road goes

At this point in my life, I stand between roads
2 different paths, I dont know where each goes

On one hand, theres what appears to be safe
Its the path that most travel in any case

Safety, security, and everything that sknown
thats what lies ahead, almost carved in stone

But the other path beckons, calling me out
the unknown adventure, is what its about

No signs to instruct you, or lead the way
never the same experience, that comes with each day

theres possible danger, with each mistake
But to grab my rewards, these risks I must take

The greater the peril, the sweeter the bounty
If doing what you enjoy, the wealths beyond counting

I wont have to plunder, deceive, or destroy
I am not concerned, with such evil ploys

The path I will take will be honest and kind
I cherish art and ideas, which reside in all minds

I will share and preserve, these emotions and feelings
In times of darkness, these ideas will help healing

It was never a choice for someone like me
I step towards the unknown,
 what will come remains unseen

Uploaded 10/29/2011
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