Which Branch of Service is the best?

Ok, I'm 16 years old, and considiring joining the Marines. I have my mind set on that specific branch, due to the fact that they are the elite, and have a strong feeling of pride that I want and admire. But the problem is, I don't want to just jump in head first and not know what to expect. I already know that Boot Camp WILL BE ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT trials that I will have to endure, along with knowing that I might have to serve in Iraq for a period of time. I also know that I have to be 17 to sign up. What I want to know is this:

There is a program at my college of choice, Johnson and Wales Univ. that allows Highschool seniors to enroll. I've been accepted, but i don't know if I should finish my Senior year at where I'm at NOW, and THEN join the Marines, or if i should go on ahead and go to the program, THEN finish my senior year, and THEN enroll in the marines, or if i should even finish college first, THEN join the marines. Any suggestions would be very, VERY helpful, beacause im confused as HELL right now. Thanks guys.

Uploaded 06/12/2008
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