Whining, Crying Female Reproductive Organs

Anyone that takes anything on this site, especially blogs, too fucking seriously can be described as one of the following: vagina, pussy, bearded clam, vertical smirk, beaver, trim, hair pie, tomahawk wound, tuna taco, fur burger, cooch, cooter, punani, snatch, lovebox, box, poontang, cookie, fuckhole, love canal, flower, nana, pink taco, cat, catchers mitt, muff, roast beef curtains, cum dump, chocha, black hole, sperm sucker, fish sandwich, cock warmer, whisker biscuit, carpet, love hole, deep socket, cum craver, cock squeezer, slice of heaven, flesh cavern, the great divide, cherry, tongue depressor, clit, slit, honey pot, quim, meat massager, chacha, stinkhole, black hole of Calcutta, cock socket, bottomless pit, dead clam, cum crack, twat, rattlesnake canyon, bush, cunny, flaps, fuzz, fuzzy wuzzy, gash, glory hole, grumble, man-in-the-boat, mud flaps, pink, peach, piss flaps, fish flap, love rug, vadge, furry cup, stench-trench, wizard sleeve, DNA dumpster, tuna town, split dick, bikini biscuit, cock holster, cockpit, kitty cat, poody tat, grassy knoll, cold cut combo, jewel box, rosebud, curly curtains, furry furnace, slop hole, velcro love triangle, nether lips, where uncle's doodle goes, altar of love, cupid's cupboard, bird's nest, bucket, cock chafer, love-glove, serpent socket, spunk pot, hairy doughnut, fun hatch, spasm chasm, red lane, stinky speedway, bacon hole, belly entrance, nookie, sugar basin, sweet briar, breakfast of champions, wookie, fish mitten, fuck pocket, hump hole, pink circle, silk igloo, scrambled-eggs-between-legs, black oak, Republic of Labia, juice box, golden palace, fetus flaps, skins, sausage wallet, holiest of holies, sugar hole, the death of Adam, home plate, deer hoof, golden arches, cats paw, mule nose, yo yo smuggler, mumbler, dinner roll, crotch waffle, piss fenders, crack, melvin and, last but not least, dong mitten.




Uploaded 12/23/2008
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