Whippetts. A legal, yet dumb way to get high!!!

Whip its:

A little trick that was popular back in the 1970s was Whip its, some dumb asses still do it today.

Basically what you do is take a can of whipped cream and hold it right side up, push the button and breathe in the gas that comes out. (Thank you Mr. Dennis Leary for teaching everyone how to do this on your CD: NO CURE FOR CANCER.)

Anyway, a friend of mine did this and it sounds to me like it would be stupid and not very fun. He described what it was like to get high off that shit. He breathed all the gas from the can in, in just one breath and held his breath as long as he could. He said he got light headed, felt like throwing up; he was numb and tingly all over. He was scared, his ears hurt and they were ringing. He had distorted vision. He did not hallucinate, but things did not look right. When he exhaled the gas, he was really nervous and scared. He still felt the effects of it for a few minutes.  However, the high does not last very long.

When the buzz was over, he had an uncontrollable urge to laugh.

People who have done several cans of whipped cream in a row, say they sometimes hallucinate.

Now this may sound fun to some people out there, but keep in mind: This kills your brain cells! That is why you get high! My friend also said it was not fun and he was pretty scared from the high. So dont do it!!!

My friend said he tried it for a few reasons:

1.     Curiosity.

2.     It is legal and he did not want to use illegal drugs.

3.     It is also much easier to get than anything else.

But dont try this, it is not worth it! Remember you could die from this to!

Uploaded 12/10/2008
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