Im just gonna jump right into this summer when i was 10 or 11, i walked outside my house at like 3 in the morning. i used to do this sometimes and just look at the stars or take a walk down the street lol cuz at 11, stuff like thats a big deal. anyway i felt the urge to walk around to the back of my house, and at the time, i was scared of the dark so it was kind of like a personal challenge. So i started walkin back there casually at first...and then slower as i got more scared and had to work up the courage...and finally i just told myself there was no reason to be afraid and i began to powerwalk...right about that time, i heard a hoarse i was scared shitless and ran back inside. I sat there in my living room panting, trying to make sense of what just happened. whatever i had heard was a 2 sylable word or phrase. and at first, i thought it said "help me" but then a minute later, i thought it coulda been "danni" (my name). after a while, i convinced myself that i must have just imagined the whole it coulda just been the sounds of nature, and i scared myself into believing it was something out of the ordinary...none of this is even worth mentioning unless you hear the next part of the story. a few years later...i must have been 13 or so, i was at a sleep over at a friends house and we were sharing scary stories. and when it became my friend kylie's turn, she told that she has always been afraid of her basement...and thought she could see shadows out of the corner of her eye when she walked past the night, everyone was asleep and when she walked past the basement stairs, she heard something whisper "help me" ! and then what got me was she had the exact same thought that i did....a minute later, she thought it said her name instead. i was completely flabbergasted because i hadnt shared my story with anyone and for her to have such a similar experience and even have the same thoughts was crazy. so heres why i posted this blog...has anyone had a similar experience? not just ghost stories...i wanna know if anyone else has heard this strange whisper.

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