Whispering Pines Narrative Story

When she was with him,

And he was with she

Things came together, and strengthened beliefs

Beliefs that this life, could be held so complete

With someone by your side,

At your door, and at your feet

The husband had led a lonely life,

Before their paths could meet

His only friend had been a bottle of booze

But this demon she helped defeat


On their honeymoon, he proclaimed his love

Her eyes sparkled at his speech

He had everything, he would ever need

As they slept together in their sheets


Her husband was a hard-working man

Each night and day, hed do what he can

The sweat from his brow, and blood from his veins

He worked himself ragged so their marriage could gain


The husband always felt compelled,

to work late into the the night

he labored hard to pay for a home,

and he ached for his new wife

Believe it or not, but women have needs

Which only a man can satisfy

This desire began, to grow and feed

And took over in her life


Young Tommy Hinton

Lived across the street

He grew up right beside the couple

Until well into his teens


He worked there, at the local market

Thats where they used to meet

And over time, her wandering eyes

Turned polite nods, into winks


Tell me, where did you sleep last night?

Tell me, how well, do you know your wife?

How often do you two have a fight?

Dont lie, what would she do, just to spite?


The husband was a hard-working man,

But his wife just, did not understand

for better, not worse, she put her needs first

She left the letter on the nightstand


A broken heart is hard to control

And sad men become bad, when hurt takes its toll

I'm going where the cold wind blows

Where nothing judges, and nobody knows

No need for possessions, or any clothes

Friends will not follow, and neither will foes


He came upon them, in an old cabin

The place he proposed, is where it all happened

He kicked down the door, bursting open the hinges

When seeing them together, he screamed,



And there they lay, on their honey-moon sheets

She fell to the floor, and hid beneath

From under the bed, she saw the struggle

Everything could be seen from where she huddled


They both fought, her husband and lover

And as she watched, they tried to kill each other

The husband pulled a pistol from inside of his coat

He wore a big grin, like he'd heard a big joke


He fired the gun into the others chest

Husband and wife saw the lovers death

The wife loudly cried, as she ran, and left

Not believing the scene, she just couldn't accept


Naked, and shaking, she ran through the night

Through the pines, in the dying light

She only walked there, in the bright of day

She just couldn't find the only right way


Finally, she gave in, laid down, and cried

She shivered the whole night through,

before she died

Darkness swept in,

And started to pull

he became his rage,

and gave up his soul


He burned their cabin

down  to the ground

taking the lovers body

hoping never to be found


Betraying mankind, and forsaking his god,

the husband dragged Tommy's body,

like the corpse of a dog,

He drove on until morning,

while laughing through the fog

They discovered his head

in about a week

The sheriff found his body a ways up the creek


They  buried the wife up on Sanbury Hill

No-one could believe that they had been killed

The husband escaped without a sound

He left in the night, and never came back round


Her death page, did not say

That he had taken their lives

The only ones who knew any different

Were the silent pines


This story is a warning:

You reap what you sow

His heart could not handle

The path that she chose


I'm going where the cold wind blows

Where nothing judges, and nobody knows

No need for possessions, or any clothes

Friends will not follow, and neither will foes

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