White People Naive

What bugs me about the whole Trayvon Martin thing is that brothas get smoked every day in the hood. Sistas to. Babies, kids, old people get robbed, lots of crime. Soldiers die every day, no one care.

Some punk dies like a punk and the whole country explodes. Derrion Albert was a smart kid, died for no reason, in shy-town.  Everyone upset, but it was black on black, so media stand down.

What white people don't understand is THEY GETTIN' PLAYED on this whole Trayvon thing. No blacks care about this, they just want to see what you are stupid enough to give up, if they complain enough. Money, kick-backs for lowering the heat, jobs, other shit the government gives away. You flash enough cash, the J.J.s of America (Jessie Jackson) will call off the posse.
Black people step over the bodies of punk ass chumps every day who fuck with the wrong dude. We don't care about Trayvon 1 bit, but we havta pretend we do otherwise we can't get shit any other time of the year.

Black panthers organizing lynch mobs, $10,000 wanted dead or alive posters, tweeting his home address, terrorizing his parents, making death threats, elected people demanding this or that. What is this the 1840s?

More people are gonna be armed after all this, and more Trayvons are gonna die because now folks got itchy trigger fingers.

This should have never even made the local newspaper. Some dude defended himself, and anther dude died, that's the law, the end.

Uploaded 04/07/2012
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