-Who are the voters-

This will most likely be my last political blog for this election, (I might throw something in on election day), I have a hell of alot of Studying to catch up on, as I've practicly said "Fuck it" for the last month to work on the Obama Campaign here at the University.  Anyways, this will be politically neutral, as I'm only curious as to the makeup of the voters here on ebaums.


If you care too, respond with the following information-

- What state you reside in, and whether you live in an Urban (Small and large cities) or Rurual area. (Townships and countryside)

- What your occupation is, how much you earn (Be truthful, most of you do NOT earn more then 30k and still hang out on ebaums for 4-6 hours a day).

- Who your voting for, whether you will be voting a straight ticket, or splitting your vote on a local level.

- Your reasons for voting for YOUR candidate. If voting for the "Lesser of Two Evils", then explain why, but do not go on an onslaught of attacking the other candidate, as that is nothing more then a lack of motivation and proof you're too lazy to research the candidates.


Heres mine,

Wisconsin, Urban (Small city).  Current Student, education and living expenses paid through GIBILL and Wisconsin GiBill, which gives me roughly $1,500 a month.  I'll be voting Obama/Biden, but am undecided between the Local Representatives for State Assembly, Kauffert, a Moderate Republican, and small business owner and Westphal, a staunch Liberal, and retired Laborer and union man.  And I'm voting for Obama because I believe he is both better suited through a diverse array of both abilities and experiences to run the nation in its current state, as well as his plans for Health care, Economic reform, as well as his progressive Diplomacy.  


Oh, and as a footnote, if you are not old enough to vote, not planning on voting, or unable to vote because you are either a foreign national, citizen, or Felon... please ignore this blog and do not post, as it doesn't apply to you.


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