Who cares if weed is illegal?

Weed is illegal and is probably not going to be made legal in any of our life times. So i say who gives a shit? Sure people want weed to be legal so they could go down to the store and pick up some marijuana cigarettes made by marlboro and that sounds all fine and dandy right? Well, just like companys did with regular good old tobacco, they add shit to it. Do you think the people selling legal weed are going to just give you straight high potent good shit? I personally do not think so. If weed were legal i would still go to my same dealers and enjoy the weed they got because i know its going to be much better.

Now another argument says if weed was legal we could smoke anywhere, anytime. This is a great argument, if your 12 years old. I smoke in my apartment whenever i want. If i want to smoke outside and enjoy the nights sky i could either go out on my deck or take a walk around the block. I live in new york city and yes, i can walk around the block with a blunt and feel not worried at all if a cop comes. So i can smoke whenever and pretty much wherever i want.

So to conclude this argument, if weed was legal or illegal it really doesnt make a difference. All real bud smokers are stil lgoing to pick up from their same dealers and those of us who dont live with our parents are going to enjoy our weed when and wherever we want. Legal or illegal, who gives a shit?

Uploaded 09/28/2009
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