Who do you miss Part two.........

I really should have titled this Why do you miss them?????????? I am quite surprised to find some of the people mentioned on the first blog and no I will not go any further with this. OK I will say I might miss Wallboy, so hey wall leave and let's find out. I am kidding......maybe OK I am as a matter of fact. Someone called old wallgramps a jerk and I said well if we didn't hate him we might start hating each other and that cant be good. I will say I am rather surprised at the people who didn't get along with Ellimem because hell guys he lit me up also and we got along. Do you mean to tell me you come to a blog section and get so angry that you hold a grudge? OK me too but I guess that is why we get a nice group of people on here when things are going right, because of the diversity on here. Now that we know who is missed when you happen to run into them tell them we were talking about them and tell them you CAN go to both places. In closing I would like to mention blue, blue, blue, blue, blue. blue, blue, and of course red because both hhhum of these people are the best commenter's in my opinion not that I dont get spanked by many more. Come and get me boys hit the old man in the nuts for the cost of a single comment.

PS dont tell reyo that he is missed. lol


Thanks for reading Bohank


Uploaded 05/05/2009
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