who here likes love?

for all of you who were confused about my gender i am female.

WHO DOESN'T LIKE LOVE?! i seriously want your opinion on this because in my class, we did this thing where we had to put three things that describe us individually in a small paper sack. some brought parts of skateboards and pics of things they like to do or see, but all three things that i put in dealt with the purest of love. not a love to skateboard, or a love to LISTEN to music, but the kind of love that you see when you see two old people holding hands in a fancy restaurant. the kind that lasts forever.

see love isn't about skateboarding, listening to music, those things are more like a hobby. to love, you have to put a different kind of�effort into it. and for all the little pervs out there, i don't mean just making love. it can be other things too.

a true love that actually means something. if everyone in the world just had "somebody to love", as grace slick and queen would put it, then none of us would have to talk about half the shit we talk about in the first place. see the beauty in everything and become beautiful yourself. XD

Uploaded 08/22/2008
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