Who is Deunan?

Most of the pathetic doucheweasels that "blog" (lol) here have no clue who I am. This used to be a place where anyone could write whatever they wanted and actually receive positive input from other bloggers. The "real" bloggers have left and this place has been taken over by the typical EBW user...5th grade education tops that like to look at boobies and random stupid shit.


Watching the pathetic, insulting, child like behavior has taken it's toll. I will surf here occasionally to stay in touch with friends and to point and laugh at the idiocy that runs rampant now. It's not only this site that's been overrun by moronic ineptitude but the whole fucking world. I suppose it can't be helped. The first 5 minutes of the movie Idiocracy shows EXACTLY what the world's coming to.





This is what I think of everyone here except my friends and they all know who they are.


Back to the topic...who is Deunan? I am your intellectual superior. Don't fight it, the harder you fight the more painful it will be for you. Some will say this blog is childish and that I'm doing what everyone else I give a fuck what you dullards think!


Superior Deunan


Uploaded 06/25/2011
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