Who is more important, Michael Jackson or Our Soldiers.

As you all may know, its tradgic when a national icon passes away especially passing away by suicide but Michael Jackson will be going to a better place-HELL. Michael Jackson has come out to be adored by many fans(not me)and is dance moves and songs will go down into the history books, so will the fact that he is a Child Molester. Michael Jackson is obviously racist, he turned himself white because he hated his own race. Michael Jackson fondeled with little boys in his Neverland Ranch, Kids dont lie about serious shit like this.

American soldiers who are innocent of any crimes are fighting and dying for us, and what kind of recognition do they get, zero to one. Our soldiers have been fighting and dying for years, they are out there on the frontlines ready to give up their lives at a minutes notice for all of us. What happened to the names of our troops who passed away, why dont they get more recognition then a sick child abuser. Some may not support the wars but please, support our soldiers. Our soldiers are the true heroes, they put up their lives for us, you cant find any more heroic people then our Men and Women in Uniform.

In the end its up to you, the public, to decide who is more important to be recognized. Just remember, you are alive and free today not because of a pedophile, you are alive and free today due to the sacrifices our soldiers give for us.

Uploaded 07/05/2009
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