Who is that in the corner?????

He came on almost every day and he would observe the people posting their blogs and he wondered if he would ever have the nerve to post a blog. Comments was one thing but to actually post a blog now that takes balls, what if they make fun of me? What if i screw it up? Oh God what if they burn me?


I will answer these questions SO FRIGGING WHAT it is only words and if they do all these things are you going to be able to live the next day? I say good for you to put yourself out there and see if maybe you can come up with the next big story people will talk about. To this day I can remember a blog written by Dirty that talks of a young stud on a motorcycle wearing a pink helmet, we laughed for weeks about this hell we are  still laughing. Look my friends get off your ass and close down meebo and write a blog and maybe we will talk about you and your blog.


I want to outdo wallbaoy so this is my 3 cents.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 05/02/2009
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