Who knew a half naked man would save my life :')

Let me start by stating this. About a week ago an unkown virus entered my immune system weakening it severly. I go to my doctor and informs me that i have an undentified virus which is giving me strep throat, chest pains, clogged airholes, and congestions. Now that im done with the boring stuff here comes the story. A week later i was up studying all night at the Ohio University Public library. All of a sudden i start coughing really loud and hard non-stop. While i was coughing i was looking around i see people looking at me with an almost annoyed look on their faces.. So being the courteous young man that i am, i decide to finish my coughing in the restroom. The coughing keeps on going for about 5-6 mins, then my eyes start to turn bloodshot red.. All of a sudden i start throwing up in one of the stalls.. this took about 30 seconds.. after that i try to catch my breath.. but i couldnt breathe... i gasp loudly and furiously with all my might to unclog the air holes in lungs but all to dismay.. 20 seconds later i hear someone in the same restroom who was apparently taking a duece come sprinting out of the stall next to me. He worringly asks me "DUDE ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!?!, do you need to go to the hospital?!?!" I turn around to see a man with his pants up only to his thighs with pee still dripping out of his Penis... this guys pubes were like the tall grass of the african plains which smelled like fieces.... Then, i turn around and throw up what ever was clogging my air hole. I turn back to the man and say "Thanks... now i am.."

Uploaded 10/16/2008
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