Who Knows

I find it hard to swallow. It happens to everyone at some point or another. You get an overwhelming sense of urgency. Your heart beats faster and begins to tingle. You can feel the adrenilan running though your veins like nuclear waste. Intense fear is the best way to describe it. So much so you feel the tears beginning to swell up from your tear ducts. You feel overly compelled to get up and find out whats going on. You know something is. Yet you're just sitting there, watching T.V., surfing the internet, talking on the phone, doing what you always do. There's nothing wrong around you, everything in it's place, no abnormalities at all. But you can feel that something's wrong.

    It can send shivers down your spine, make you completely silent, make it so you can't breathe. Something is wrong with someone you care about. Who is it? What's wrong with them? Why am I feeling like this? What the fuck is going on? You can't sit still, can't keep complete focus on anything. Your mind is shooting in a million different directions, through the files of a million different people you care about. A name pops into your head, and a face to go with it, and the feeling grows more intense. You can hear your own heartbeat, and a tear just may escape down your cheek. You know right then that it's this person. But here's the major's just so happens that it's one of those people that we can't get ahold of. We all know at least one. Now you start to lose your mind, because all you can do is sit and wait for them to call you.

    Thousands of scenerios are running through your head as to what may have happened. You don't want to do anything but talk to them. You sit and try to watch T.V., but the feeling over-rides. You stand and pace back and forth, but the feeling over-rides. You can't do anything but scream at them in your head and outloud to get ahold of you. It is now that even the biggest sceptics believe in the power of being able to transfer your thoughts into someone elses head. Stuck and write a blog about it, to waist time, and maybe distract you doesn't work.

Uploaded 05/29/2008
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