"Who" took the acid???????

Some time ago we had a problem in Cincinnati where people got trampled rushing into the Who concert. Back then we had festival seating and that meant first come first served on the floor which caused quite a few close calls before it finally happened. Of course Cincinnati being a city of action was not detoured by this but rather quickly enforced a new law about smoking in the stadium because we all know this is what caused it those damn pot heads and tobacco heads are not going to crush anybody in Cincinnati ever again. Nevermind that they could have just opened the gates on time.


OK that being said my brother was at this concert and I would have been too if I could stand to listen to the Who but I brother was there and took some acid and was standing there watching the stretchers go by and he said he was getting freaked out and the acid was kicking in and he asked the cop "hey whats going on?" The cop looked at him and probably knew he was freaking and said "Oh a bunch of kids took some bad acid." I laugh every time I tell this story and my brother does also.


OK I couldn't find a way to end this one so thanks for reading Bohank.

Uploaded 12/04/2008
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