Who wrote the Bible?(Yes another religious blog from me)

So I was just musing as I normally do and I was thinking about the makers of the Bible. Who are they? Does anyone really know?

Of course no one knows. Those manuscripts found are thousands of years old. Any human trace has been swept away by sand and dust. But even if there was a huge fingerprint right there in the middle, we still couldn't know who it was. Hell if I hadn't been arrested I wouldn't be in the system either(or so I think). So I don't blame the Church for not knowing.

What I do blame them for the the fact that they give credibility to some books and not to others, they decide which books they want to be true and which are going to be lies. Like the book of Judas, or the book of Mary Magdalene. The book of Judas stated that Judas did not in fact betray Jesus, but jesus told him to do what he did. I'm not saying whether or not that's true but I believe we should have the ability to read it regardless. I think there are upwards of fifty books NOT found in the bible. I'm not sayign that those books should necessarily be placed there, but they should be made easily viewable to people with curiosity such as myself. Printing a seperate book with those all inside it mayhaps?

But in other words, why do we believe the Bible? The Torah? The Qu'ran? They are just books. Of course I questioned my teacher as I always do and he told me that those books which were in the Bible are written by god through man. Well where is that ever stated? And if it is, why should we believe that? After all we aren't supposed to believe the Book of Judas yet we are supposed to believe the book of Revelations because the almighty Vatican says so. Well I for one am not up to being lead on as if I were a blind sheep.

And no, this will definately not be my final religious blog. I think I raise some decent points personally. That may sound a little conceited to some but many have never asked the questions I bring up. So, once again...

thegodlyone has spoken.

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